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|Hand-colored Coatings of six color brand|

Hand-colored Coatings of six color brand

The "Six color " hand-painted paint is one of high-tech products of our company and has been detected and confirmed by the related authoritative department. The paint doesn't contain the fragrant amine which are forbidden in the European spinning and weaving environmental protection standard 100 (Oeko-Tex Standard 100), and heavy metal and the formaldehyde.The product conforms to the  Oeko-Tex Standard100, GB19601-2004, the GB 18401-2003 of the international textile ecology research and examination association. And it is also harmless to human health and can  completely conform to the  environmental protection request of the European and American developed country.

The product can apply on the textiles such as T-shirt, jeans, handbag, cloth shoes, umbrella, silk handkerchief and so on;It can be used to draw on  paper,  lumber , cement surface and many kinds of material , and it also can be used as paint to draw the traditional Chinese painting and  watercolor painting.
(1) This product does not need blend oil,  heat  to fixation and other assist. It can be applied directly ,and can be diluted by water.Easy to operate . 
(2) Its color is bright, luster and  transparent , strong layering. All color paint of the series can be mixed and matched as your wishes. 
(3) The finishing painting is  waterproofing ,not fade, not scaling-off ,not cracked. The paint has  good permeability and elasticity.
(4) The finishing painting only need to dry by air in aeration and dry place  (about 12 hours) or by the electric drier first, then it can be wore or washed.
(5) This product adhesion (fastness)is so strong, standing washing, bearing the friction. Both the hand washing and machine washing do not fade.
(6)Mixed with ”six color” metallized paint ,the products can get a dazzling and spark result.
(7)This product has complete color spectrum and brilliant color shade, strong tinting strength, high fineness and even,  stable quality, it is harmless to human ,environment friendly which is comformed to the requests of the exporting to the Western Countries.
(1)Store in cooldry and ventilated place.
(2)Seal the container, avoid to get in to air.for long time.
(3)After  long storage, precipitation  is a normal phenomenon, please shake up to use.
5.Fastness & stability
For more fastness and chemical stability information, please look at the fifth item.
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