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|Pigment Printing Thickeners|

Pigment Printing Thickeners

    Pale yellow viscous fluid
    Viscosity3000-8000 centipoise 
   Thickening effectput up 4% in distilled waterviscosity 50000centipoise
1) It can display common sodium alginate thickener in active disperse dyes printing. It is a kind of good thickener for nicety screen printing because of its good fluidity.
2)Simple and prompt beating, thickness can be adjusted at willno mould. Elegant printing shadegood fastness ,destarch utterly ,washing thoroughly, can be used to replace sodium alginate to lower the cost.
3)To mix with sodium alginate can complement each other
In practice, firstly put the thickenerdyestuffs and other glycerol into container, secondly add the proper amount of  water and mixed up.Add water steadily in the mixture to get proper viscidity.( use 401 along ,needn’t add glycerol and carbamide).
                                             Flat Screen               Cylinder Screen
                        thickeners     4-5%                             4%
For other,please reference to the usage of sodium alginate.
Note: hard water will inflect the thickness result