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Environment type organic Fluo. pigment

Fluorescent pigment is different from the common pigment, it  transfer part of the absorpting light (including the UV-light) into fluorescence which has longer wavelength and is similar to the tone of the common reflected light. The fluorescent light mixed with itself emissive light makes the color of the fluorescent pigment especially brilliant and vivid. The florescent effect will be better on the white basement,Do not mix with the parti-color.
FS series Fluorescence pigment  technical properties
Shade(compared with the proofsample) :  similar            Tinting(compared with the proofsample):   > 95%     oil absorption:<55%
 Average particle dia.:   < 6 micron     Maximum particle dia: < 15 micron   Softening point : >125ºC
Decomposition temperature: around 180ºC
Solvent-resistance:  Resistant to toluene, xylene and other aromatic organic solvents, intolerant of low molecular weight alcohols、 ketones、 esters and other organic polar solvents
FS series Fluorescence pigment 
Fluo. Light pink Fluo.Orange Fluo.Lemon yellow Fluo.Red Orange Fluo.Green Fluo.violet
Fluo. Red voilet Fluo.Blue Fluo. Golden Fluo. Turquoise blue Fluo.Rose Fluo.White
Applies to the manufacture of pigment paste、printing ink and printing paste for
Textile as well as other field that need the color pigment.
In woven bag lined with plastic bag. Net weight: 20Kg