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|Emulsion Thickener A||Pigment Printing Adhesives|

Pigment Printing Adhesives

(1)Main ingredients
Latex consisted of acrylate series and One-pack self-crosslinking copolymer. 
Appearancefluorescence milk white latex
Friction Fastness4 grade
Solidity content:38-42%
 Viscidity25 PaS 0.7-1.0
  Unreacted monomer:≤0.5%
3Characteristics & Application
1)This product can instead of Acramin binder, lower consumption, lower cost, and a a great deal of foreign exchange will be saved
2)Stable serum and good fluidity, easy use, well welcomed by  warehouse operators
3)pigment paste is non-Newtonian fluid, it has good fluiditynever has a jam even in 120 meshes. And the printing is very exquisite, it used to print the smarter designation.
4)It well matches with Kerosene-free Pigment Printing Paste, and it is harmful less to cotton fiber because of the neutrality of pigment paste  
5)The fastness meets the standards
6)Its printing power is better than Acramin pigment colors, the fastness,Will be enhanced half grad after a week of printing.
It mainly applies to the printing on pure cotton, polyster cotton, and blend fabric.
(4) Formulation & Process Technology
          Formulation                                                   Process technology                                      
WH-A adhesive10-30                                 Printing drying baking
F103 thickener2                                          110-130℃,3-5minutes
emulsion thickener A or Kerosene-free                       pigment printing paste 50-60
pigment printing pasteX%
(5)Packing & Storage
50Kg plastic drum35Kg drum.
The durability is 6 months under the normal temperature. 
Don't add any crosslinking agent. Prevent frostbite and sun block.