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|Clife Water-based Building Pigment Paste||A8-series(Environment-Friendly)Pigment Preparation|

Clife Water-based Building Pigment Paste

 This product is one kind of suspending liquid that the high-quality pigment scatter in the water affected by surface active agent and other assistant.. It mainly applies to the filed of construction coating, industrial coating, water-based wood lacquer, water-based paper paint, water-based leather finishing agent, water-based textile coating agent, water-based printing ink, colored roofing tile and the coloration of water-based hydroxy-acid resin varnish, water-based epoxy resin varnish soap and emulsion, waterproof drawing ink as well.
This product has the merits of  high tinting strength , high-quality, low viscosity, good fluidity  , fine stability, good compatibility with water-based polymer colloid  and so on. It has the property of fine weathering resistance,   light fastness,chemical etching resisitance and ultraviolet resistance.It will not  agglomerate,   precipitate and seeding during long-time storage.It will not destroy the structure of the paint after put into the paint, and the dosage is little.   Its even quality and Low viscosity make it disperse evenly in the low speed agitation situation , which conforme to the new producing standard of paint industry.  The series has stable quality,  complete chromato gram, bright color,    high fineness and even, excellent fastness and chemical stability. This serial   does not contain resin, and has the good compatibility and miscibility  with many kinds of water-based products . 

3.Technical references

Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area within the temperature of 0-40. Isolate from acidity substances;If it appears precipitation,please stir evenly to use.                                                                                                 Shelf Life: 18 months(FLUO.series),24 months (other).
(1), if no specific color requirement, please choose good  weathering resistance and light resistance paste as far as possible. Specially recommends inorganic  water-based paste and the organic midium weathering resisitance and good light resisitance paste.  
(2) The Clife paste R112, Y74, and Y83  are suggested to use on deep color outside wall. Please add  property amount to use according to the lowest dosage introduction on the colour atla.
(3)  “the suggesting lowest dosage” of Clife water-based paste using on thetoning of the outer wall is made according to the pigment  nature in the paste and the actual  experience. Not all paste (especially light color) has excellent color retention when be used on the outer wall coating. The user had better to do the examination of anti-aging  according to the formula.  
(4)please make sure the wall surface clean, dry, and oilless.